About Dollar Barrister
Who is the Dollar Barrister?

I’m a (late) 30-something married attorney with two young children living in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area. I didn’t attend a top-10 law school, I never made partner, and I didn’t practice in a white-shoe law firm. But I’ve survived over a decade in the trenches of boutique, large law -firm, and in-house legal practice, navigating my way through partner defections, layoffs, mergers, and practice area changes, and I’m here to tell you about what worked and what didn’t on my road from law student to a successful in-house corporate counsel in pursuit of financial independence.

Who should read Dollar Barrister?

Everyone, of course! I started this site to discuss financial issues of particular import for legal professionals and their families, but I think much of the content is relevant for anyone in a white-collar profession who enjoys reading about financial matters, career choices, and how different people choose to approach these issues.

I'm not a lawyer! Should I still read your site?

Yes, please! See above. Although some of my articles are directed at attorneys and might have some legal mumbo jumbo thrown in, anyone with an interest in investing, personal finance, and discussing career paths should hopefully find this site useful.

In-house lawyer practice
I'm thinking about attending law school. Do you have any advice for me?
I explore this topic in detail elsewhere on the site, but in general I would urge you to work in the industry where you want to practice after college and before law school. Attend a school in the geographic region where you want to practice, and try and graduate with as little debt as possible. All much easier said than done, I know, but we dive much deeper into this issue elsewhere on the site.
I'd like to leave my law firm and go in-house. How do I make that happen?

Good for you! I’m writing an e-book on this very topic that features my ten commandments for going in-house. You can download the list here (and get on the mailing list for when the full e-book launches!)

The short answer is don’t believe everything you read from headhunters or others who have a vested interest in you staying in the law firm game – where the only way to win is not to play. In-house practice offers a much better work-life balance, typically better benefits, and the opportunity to really learn about how business functions in a way that’s just not possible at a law firm.

Going in-house isn’t for everyone – just like being in a law firm isn’t for everyone. But for the right lawyer, the right in-house opportunity can be a great career choice – like it was for me.

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