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What does the inverted bond-yield curve mean for the next decade of in-house corporate counsel practice?

Yields on long-term bonds are drifting lower than those on short-term bonds. In other words, investors are betting that, in the future, interest rates will stay depressed on account of a sluggish economy. This means that investors are less bullish on the future than they are on the present – and in the past, this has been a pretty good leading indicator of a recession. So what – if anything – does this situation mean for in-house lawyers, or firm lawyers who are thinking about making the move in-house in the near future?

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How to use our household finances Excel spreadsheet to stay on top of your savings during tax season

It’s tax season again! April 15 is right around the corner, and you might be getting ready to write a check to the IRS (ugh) or trying to figure out what to do with a refund check (yes!). If so, having a spreadsheet like this at your fingertips to calculate credit card payoff balances and utilization rates, cash flow, savings, and your net worth is critical to staying on track with your financial goals once April 15 comes and goes. It’s priced at just $15, which we think you’ll agree is a fair price once you dig into the template, start using it, and see your net worth and cash flow management skills increase. What gets measured gets improved!

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Primer on why employee stock purchase plans are such a great benefit, how they work, and why you should definitely contribute to your company’s ESPP

The employee stock purchase plan, or ESPP, is a great benefit. If you’re moving in-house or otherwise working for a public company, definitely take a close look at the details of your employer’s plan. This primer will help you do just that by outlining the key features of an ESPP and offering some advice on how to participate.

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How I used an Excel spreadsheet to become a millionaire – and you can too

“What gets measured gets improved” is one of my personal mantras, and in net worth it applies more critically than anything else. To do this for our family finances, I decided to stay away from an online net worth service and started my own spreadsheet to keep track of things. This was the best thing I ever did. And now I’m really excited to share a public version of that spreadsheet with you!

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What is the volatility and degree of beta for your career as a legal or other white-collar professional?

Volatility and beta aren’t just stock market concepts. They apply to your career, too, and can help structure an investing framework around just how stable and/or tied to the markets you are as a professional. In this article we review “The Affluent Investor” by Phil DeMuth and discuss how volatility and beta apply to lawyers and other white-collar professionals as they relate to investment strategy.

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