Month: January 2019

The “Statistically Typical” General Counsel: A Closer Look at GC Salaries in the LawGeex 2019 General Counsel Report

After a few years in the trenches as a corporate counsel, you might start getting the itch to move up in the world (I know I have). And if that itch includes becoming a GC, there are few better places to start gathering some data points about what it takes to make that move than the recently released 2019 General Counsel Report from LawGeex. The report uses data from (1) LinkedIn; (2) GC job postings; (3) compensation data from the ACC 2018 Global Compensation Report, which included comp responses from nearly 4000 U.S. corporate counsels; and (4) Fortune 500 GC data from ALM Intelligence and the consulting firm Russell Reynolds to offer some insightful conclusions about what it takes to make the jump to the C-suite.

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Tips for presenting and writing to the business for in-house corporate counsel

There are lots of things that are different about practicing law at a law firm versus inside of a company. But perhaps the biggest difference, and the one most likely to determine your level of success as an in-house corporate lawyer, is your ability to tailor your speaking and writing to a business audience. In this article, I will share a few tips from my experience in the trenches on how to do just that. In short: keep your writing punchy, know your audience, and use PowerPoint effectively.

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My favorite books from my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Here are some of my favorite books from my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge, which I am pleased to report that I shattered! My challenge was 52 books but I finished at 72. I am going to up the ante in 2018 by trying to read 75 books from a more curated list, which I’ve already started developing on Goodreads and in my local library app’s tagging function. I love Goodreads and if you’re not using it already but looking to boost your reading in 2019, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Note that these aren’t books that were necessarily published in 2018, but for one reason or another made it onto my reading list and which I actually read during the calendar year.

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Guide to Getting In-House

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