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What is the volatility and degree of beta for your career as a legal or other white-collar professional?

Volatility and beta aren’t just stock market concepts. They apply to your career, too, and can help structure an investing framework around just how stable and/or tied to the markets you are as a professional. In this article we review “The Affluent Investor” by Phil DeMuth and discuss how volatility and beta apply to lawyers and other white-collar professionals as they relate to investment strategy.

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The backdoor Roth IRA conversion explained, and why I don’t have one (but maybe you should!)

Thanks to the pro rata rule and income limits on contributions, the Roth IRA has long been a subject of confusion and misunderstanding (at least it was for me.) In this article, we take a close look at key terms around IRAs and the backdoor Roth IRA conversion process, discussing when it makes sense to try and implement the procedure.

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