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BarkerGilmore’s 2020 in-house counsel compensation guide is a mixed bag for corporate lawyers

The 2020 iteration of BarkerGilmore’s in-house counsel salary guide is here, and it’s a mixed bag for in-house compensation. To keep things consistent, we’ve updated our summary of compensation data points from the 2019 guide with the new numbers from 2020. BarkerGilmore compiled this data from 1900 lawyers who responded between February and April of 2020 (essentially pre-COVID, so of course you should expect these numbers to change dramatically in the 2021 iteration of this and other salary surveys.)

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Digging into detailed cash compensation data from Major, Lindsey & Africa’s 2020 in-house counsel compensation survey

Next up in the march of 2020 in-house corporate counsel salary guides is Major, Lindsey, & Africa’s survey, which it conducted in the fall of 2019. MLA received 3900 responses from 36 countries, soliciting feedback from nearly 26,000 in-house lawyers worldwide. There is a ton of highly granular data which cavasses details like salary by geography, practice area, company size, gender, and much more. And, whether you are already in-house and/or employed, or not, the results will be illuminating as you brace for salary discussions in the age of COVID or otherwise consider your career path after working from home under quarantine conditions over the last couple of months.

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Highlights from Special Counsel’s 2020 law firm & in-house counsel salary guide

It’s 2020 salary guide season! Let’s take a look at this year’s compensation guide published by Special Counsel (which includes data from their formidable Parker + Lynch attorney recruiting group). It covers both corporate legal department salaries as well as law firms and reports on data from 6000 legal professionals across 60 cities in the U.S. Here are some key takeaways if you’re using the guide to either benchmark your current comp or when negotiating pay for a new position.

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Key takeaways from the 2019 BarkerGilmore In-House Counsel Compensation Survey

A “record-breaking” number of in-house lawyers participated in the 2019 BarkerGilmore In-House Counsel Compensation Report (approximately 2000 of us). As I’ve said before here at Dollar Barrister, I find these annual surveys to be invaluable in benchmarking my own compensation and advising friends and colleagues who are also in-house on the suitability of their compensation packages. I personally found the data in this 2019 edition of the Report to be generally consistent with what my friends and colleagues are earning. I also think BarkerGilmore does a great job of parsing the data it receives in a meaningful way that should be helpful both to job seekers and in-house lawyers getting ready to fight their finance and accounting departments during FY20 budgeting

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The “Statistically Typical” General Counsel: A Closer Look at GC Salaries in the LawGeex 2019 General Counsel Report

After a few years in the trenches as a corporate counsel, you might start getting the itch to move up in the world (I know I have). And if that itch includes becoming a GC, there are few better places to start gathering some data points about what it takes to make that move than the recently released 2019 General Counsel Report from LawGeex. The report uses data from (1) LinkedIn; (2) GC job postings; (3) compensation data from the ACC 2018 Global Compensation Report, which included comp responses from nearly 4000 U.S. corporate counsels; and (4) Fortune 500 GC data from ALM Intelligence and the consulting firm Russell Reynolds to offer some insightful conclusions about what it takes to make the jump to the C-suite.

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