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What are the best U.S. cities for millennial lawyers to start and grow their careers?

Which are the best major U.S. legal markets where aspiring attorneys and those just getting started should consider setting up shop in order to position themselves for sustained, long-term financial and professional success? From Atlanta to Seattle, we rank America’s major metro areas across five key areas to come up with our top three cities for millennial attorneys. Click through for the winners!

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The sample CV/resume template that got me offers for multiple in-house counsel positions

It’s amazing how many employed attorneys don’t have an updated copy of their resume/curriculum vitae at their fingertips! If you’re in that cohort, or if you just don’t know where to start preparing a CV, this article provides the template I have used with much success over the years. Again, while it’s geared toward applying for an in-house position, any professional that is looking to make a move – or just give their CV a new look – will hopefully find it of import too.

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What is the volatility and degree of beta for your career as a legal or other white-collar professional?

Volatility and beta aren’t just stock market concepts. They apply to your career, too, and can help structure an investing framework around just how stable and/or tied to the markets you are as a professional. In this article we review “The Affluent Investor” by Phil DeMuth and discuss how volatility and beta apply to lawyers and other white-collar professionals as they relate to investment strategy.

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