It’s been a quiet summer here at Dollar Barrister for a few good reasons!

First, we’ve been trying to enjoy some down time with family as the weather in our neck of the woods has been pretty awesome. I hope you’ve been able to do the same!

Second, I’ve been working hard over the last couple of months to finalize something that I’m very excited to share with you all:

Dollar Barrister’s Ultimate Guide to Going In-House and Succeeding as Corporate Counsel!

The Guide is a 62-page, 23,000-word, e-book that peels back the curtain on everything you need to know about getting an in-house position and succeeding once you walk in the door. It’s priced at $39 because (1) by paying for it you are more likely to implement the lessons learned in here and get yourself out of the law firm; (2) it’s a tip of the cap to the “sweet spot” for going in-house:  3 to 9 years inside of a law firm in private practice; and (3) it contains template cover letters, negotiation scripts, a form CV, and lots of other goodies that I think you’ll find well worth the price.

(If you purchased these cover letters, scripts, and form CV individually from our shop, it would run you $65, so I think the Guide delivers real value just through its appendices alone!)

The Guide is in a (locked for editing) Word format, so you’ll be able to cut and paste my templates into your own documents as you ramp up your job search (note that these are the same templates that you’ll find for stand-alone purchase in our Dollar Barrister shop).

Purchase the Guide by clicking here.

Here is the table of contents:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:   Setting Yourself Up to Get In-House

Before Law School

During Law School

Some Thoughts about Private Practice

Chapter 2:   The Ten Commandments for Going In-House

Chapter 3:   Making Moves: Getting Started on the Road In-House

First, Don’t Believe the Hype: Why Going In-House Isn’t a One-Way Ticket to Law Practice Oblivion

Finding the Sweet Spot: When Is The Best Time to Make the Move In-House?

No Matter What, You’ll Need to Organize an Online In-House Counsel Job Search that Converts: Here’s How

What’s The Best Practice Area For An In-House Lawyer?

What Is the Best US City to Start Your In-House Legal Career?

Chapter 4:   The Art of the Cover Letter

Why You Need More Than One Cover Letter to Make the Move In-House

Form In-House Counsel Cover Letter – Law Clerk

Form In-House Counsel Cover Letter – Law Firm Associate

Form In-House Counsel Cover Letter – Current In-House Counsel

Form In-House Counsel CV

Chapter 5:   Interviewing & Closing the Deal

Navigating the Phone Screen

Dealing with External Recruiters

Dealing with Internal Recruiters

How to Prepare for a Phone Screener with the Hiring Team

Preparing for Behavioral-Based (STAR) Interviews

Should You Send a Thank-You Note After You Interview For an In-House Counsel Position?

How to Negotiate a Better Compensation Package

Chapter 6:   Change Your Mindset: Your First In-House Counsel Position

Wrapping Up at the Firm

Changing Your Mindset

Dealing With the Business

Building Alliances

How to Successfully Balance a Flexible Working From Home Schedule

Chapter 7:   Your Next In-House Counsel Position

Should You Lateral Into Another In-House Counsel Position?

What About Potentially Returning to a Law Firm?

Dealing with a Potential Merger

Chapter 8:   Putting it All Together

Start making the move in-house today! Purchase the Guide by clicking here!