Month: June 2017

The sample cover letter template that got me offers for multiple in-house counsel positions

Cover letters can be tough to draft and are sometimes overlooked by job seekers. Over time, I’ve tweaked a template that I believe can be adapted for any type of job application, though it’s geared for in-house lawyers. This article provides an annotated copy of the template, which includes comments and advice for your specific circumstances.

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In-house counsel salaries: BarkerGilmore releases 2017 compensation report

Data about in-house counsel compensation ranges isn’t always easy to come by, which is why annual reports from Robert Half Legal and BarkerGilmore are so critical. In this article, we take a deeper dive into the metrics in the latter’s 2017 in-house counsel compensation report. The data should be of interest to both law firm associates looking to negotiate their way into an in-house position and current in-house lawyers thinking about making a lateral move.

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Tactics for negotiating a higher salary and compensation package when you go in-house

I never had much luck finding advice on how to negotiate my salary when I went in-house. This article presents best practices and tactics, along with a prepared script, for negotiating a higher compensation package after you’ve received an offer. It’s geared at lawyers, of course, but our hope is that professionals of all stripes will find it of interest.

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